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Bikejoring adaptor for KLICK FIX bracket

The advantage of this bracket & adaptor is the ability to use handlebar’s bracket to attach another equipment such as a bag, shopping basket, etc. For more information see  KLICKfix adapters for handlebars and all aditional equipment.

Hill Fun

OUT OF STOCK - Scooter KOSTKA HILL FUN is a good choice for all people who have no experience with kick scootering and want to use it just for a shorter distances a few times a week. 

Hill Max

KOSTKA scooter HILL MAX is the most versatile scooter for the whole family that will not disappoint. This scooter is suitable for adults as well as teenagers. The front 20 inch wheel improves handling and stability at high speeds. The scooter is very agile. It combines the features of the KOSTKA STREET and KOSTKA TWENTY scooters.

Klick fix bracket - STEM

Handlebar adapter Caddy is a version of the KLICKfix handlebar adapter. For mounting on vertical tubes such as stems or seat posts. Suitable for foldable bikes, scooters, wheel chairs, golf caddys etc. Robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Fits all tube diameters O 22 - 36 mm.

Klick Fix Bracket - Handlebars

From bags to baskets to mapholders-all these accessories are easily "clicked" onto the handlebar adapter and just as easily removed by a simple press of the red button. Thanks to the patented security cable, the adapter does not lean downward even when carrying a heavy load. Extremely robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide.

Hill Twenty Max

Scooter HILL TWENTY MAX is very manageable scooter for everyday use on sealed and unsealed surfaces.

Tour Max

KOSTKA scooter TOUR MAX is perfect for everyone, regardless of age and gender.

Hill Dog

HILL DOG scooter comes with a ManMat gangline and a special adaptor which keeps the leash away from the front wheel. The kick scooter is equipped with double-wall rims, Shimano brakes, gel grips, quality German tyres Schwalbe which enable easier scooting/riding, better control and safer braking.

Can be used as a dirt scooter. You can remove the adaptor and leash and go for ride without the dog. 

Tour Dog

TOUR DOG scooter is an excellent dog scooter for longer trips, faster riding and scooting in the parks or city. Great for scooting with bigger dog breeds such as Huskies, Malamutes, Shepards, Labradors, Boxers etc. 


OUT OF STOCK - KOSTKA scooter MUSHING is determined for mushing sports, downhill rides and walking a dog. Scooter KOSTKA MUSHING achieves highest requirements for top scooter-riders and we recommend this scooter for mushers and sport riders.

Mushing Pro

The MUSHING PRO scooter is ideal for fast sport ride in difficult terrain. During the ride the wide footplate allows you to stand with your feet together. Mushing Pro model comes with front shock Suntour XCR (can be locked from handlebars during ride), Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes, REMERX hubs, REMERX double rims specially developed for this model, German MTB tyres Schwalbe, Kick Stand, Flexible Steel Adaptor (which can turn to the sides and up&down and keep the leash away from the front wheel),  Flexible Leash ManMat and Front wheel fenders.


Kick scooter RACER has been developed for a very demanding public and sporting events.

Road racing scooter. Suitable for the paved surface and sporting pace. If you are after top sport scooter model we recommend Racer CTi model.

Carbon steel frame. Weight only 7.7 kgs.

Tool Kit included.


OUT OF STOCK - Kick Scooter REBEL is the lightest scooter for adults with inflatable tyres on the market. Weight of the scooter equals to four bottles of wine. 5.4kgs.

Racer CTi

OUT OF STOCK - RACER CTI is the fastest and lightest scooter made by KOSTKA which meets the highest performance and racing ambitions. KOSTKA RACER CTi is the first carbon series-production scooter in the world.

Kick Scooter Stand


Universal stand for kick scooters Kostka.

The stand can be used on all our scooters except of models Rebel, Rubik and Kid.



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