Before each ride :

  • tightness of quick release levers, nuts and bolts
  • tyres air pressure (recommended tyre pressure is on the side of each tyre)
  • tyres if not damaged
  • brake function
  • brake pads abd their contact with rims
  • brake cables
  • lights function if riding in dark



  • Check the headset/stem. Handlebars must turn freely and smoothly but can't be lose. 
  • Lubricate brake cables with multipurpose "3 in1 type" oil.
  • Check spoke tightness - tighten if loose to prevent rim damage
  • Check if tyres are not damaged (if necessary replace tyres)
  • Clean wheels, tyres and frame with water and protect with a non-abrasive polish wax 
  • Check headset and wheel bearing adjustment - take to cycle shop for adjustment

Annual check

  • Check wheels and trueness of rims - take to your local cycle shop for correction


Kick Scooter Sydney highly recommend that you take your KOSTKA footbike to a qualified bicycle technician at least once a year for a full service and adjustment or more frequently as necessary.


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