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Kick Scooter for adults Australia

KOSTKA scooter models:

Please answer the following questions in order to select the right kick scooter for you:

  1.  Who is the intended scooter for: kids, adults, active dog owners?

  2.  What purpose will the scooter serve and what activity will prevail: riding in city traffic, tourist trips on paved and unpaved roads, driving in difficult terrain (downhill etc.)?

  3. Height of the rider: up to 190 cm or over 190 cm ?

  4. Weight of the rider: up to 100 kg, up to 120 kg, up to 150kg or over 150 kg ?

  5. Is the scooter for occasional or frequent use for beginner or an advanced rider? 

Kick scooters for kids:

  • For children aged 3 to 5 years we recommend a pusher RUN. It’s great for balance training and as a foundation for learning to ride a bike later on. A child can ride it without the help of an adult.

  • For preschool children from approximately 4 to7 years we recommend a mini scooter KID. 

  • For older children aged 6-9 years we recommend a KID maxi scooter.  

  • The best kick scooter for children from 4 years of age is KID STREET.


    Please note that it is always necessary to take an individual child’s motor skills, physical fitness and figure into account when purchasing a kick scooter. Children with well developed motor skills (approximately from 8 years) can also ride STREET, REBEL and HILL scooters.


  • Dog scooters

    Dog scooters are equipped with a flexible adaptor which keeps leash out of the front wheel, leads the dog and enables pulling of the kick scooter. Tyres with MTB or BMX tread ensure a safe ride throughout various terrains and safe braking. “Mushing” scooter models have wider plate for standing with feet together.

    Dog owners of smaller dog breeds (e.g. Chihuahua or Maltese) can attach special elegant dog carriers directly onto handlebars of a kick scooter. This way their pets enjoy trips on kick scooters comfortably and safety seated.


  • City kick scooters

    Kick scooters with smaller frame geometry and smaller wheels are suitable for busy city traffic. They are faster, versatile and easy to carry. We recommend REBEL, STREET  and HILL  scooters for city rides. 


  • Kick scooters for trips and sports

  • For tourism and trips kick scooters with larger geometry and larger wheels are the best. The best kick scooters for sport activities are TOUR, HILL and mainly RACER.

  • For driving in rough terrains and downhill it is neccessary to choose kick scooters with MTB or BMX tread, front suspension and wider footplate.

Kick scooters HILL FUN and TOUR FUN are great options for all beginners. They are also suitable for occasional use by people who don’t do any sports.

  • o    HILL FUN and TOUR FUN comply with the strictest safety standards and strengthrequirements.

    o    Load of FUN kick scooters is 100kg due to KENDA tyres.

             Kick scooters for advanced users

  • Kick scooters HILL, TOUR, RACER, REBEL and STREET are suitable for ordinary riders who are serious about kick scootering and advanced riders.

  • The technology, components, safety features and overall design meet high standards and strict requirements of advanced users.


             Kick scooters for the most advanced riders – Kick scooters PRO

  • Kick scooters PRO (HILL PRO, TOUR PRO, RACER PRO and MUSHING PRO) meet the requirements of the most advanced and professional riders

  • PRO series kick scooters are both technologically perfect and elegant even in the smallest details.


Key factors you should consider before you make a decision about which scooter brand to purchase:

  • Quality of components (brakes, rims, hubs, tyres, mushing scooters suspension)
  • Quality of footplate (check if the footplate is antislippery and also check the length and width)
  • Is scooter with larger or smaller wheels more suitable for you?
  • Paint should be at least 2 layers powder coat
  • Load capacity (KOSTKA 150kgs - some scooters 200kg)

  • Footboard clearance

  • Total weight

  • Availability of scooters, accessories and spare parts (KOSTKA offer the widest range of scooters in the world and we have majority in stock and in various colours)

  • Shipping fee

  • Total price incl GST

  • Technical info and instructions

  • Warranty on frame (KOSTKA – 2 years. Non quality frames can brake very quickly)

  • Reviews, Testimonial, Feedbacks and photos on Facebook etc.


KOSTKA frames, antislippery footplate, quality components, paint, high load capacity, wide range of scooters & accesories and reasonoble prices makes KOSTKA manufacturer world leader in this industry.

KOSTKA scooters are the best quality for the best value on the market.




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