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Monika B., Sydney (Hill and Tour scooter)

Footboard is long and wide enough, gives you enough room to rest both feet = good for safety. By using a special distance ring you can increase the height/clearance if you like.
Smaller wheels make Hill scooter very zippy and easy to ride and manoeuvre. Good quality of rims and hubs.
Great quality SHIMANO breaks, easily adjustable to suit anyone.
Good paint, nice finish, hard to scratch....
Good quality frame, not heavy, very easy to carry (much lighter than a push bike).
Kick Scooter is a high cardio exercise, yet low impact. It is a fantastic training for anyone who wants to lose weight, stay fit or just have a fun and ride at your own pace, stop for a coffee or ride together with your kids. You can go as easy or as hard as you like.
I would recommend KOSTKA, simply from my own experience, good fitness results but mainly from having fun while riding the scooter. I also like the fact that you can easily fit 2-3 adult kick scooters in the car so no need for a roof racks or tow bar bike rack.
These days you can hardly find anything that is NOT made in China. When I found Kostka’s scooters on the website I couldn’t believe that they are made in the Czech Republic and not in China! So for me the price is reflected in the quality and I want my bike to last and be sure it’s components such as brakes are safe for me.
Great customer service from the beginning – from choosing the right scooter for me/for the type of activity I do (fitness in my case), safety tips, riding style and techniques to achieve the best results, scooter maintenance, adjustments, suggestions on best places to ride.
Thanks to KickScooterSydney and their social rides, I’ve also met some amazing people that share the same passion.

Dave G., Adelaide (Hill Pro scooter)

I am very pleased with the unit, it  performs well, the hydraulic brakes are great, the wide foot plate is perfect. The unit looks great! 

I am happy to recommend you to anyone who may be interested in obtaining a kick bike from you.

 Many Thanks. Dave  


Danny T., Sydney (Tour and City Cross scooter)

I started searching 4 years ago for a decent Adult scooter for dog mushing available in Sydney. Feb this year i stumbled on Kick scooter Sydney. I went over and... Michal spent time going over the various models. I ended up purchasing two kick scooters. The Tour and City cross one for me and one for the kids to share. I would highly recommend Kick Scooter Sydney.


Anne O., Canberra, (Tour Cross2 scooter) 

My BEAUTIFUL Kostka has arrived. I've unpacked him and put the wheels on and so on. And the stand. I'll worry about the mudguards later. I think it goes AT LEAST twice as fast as my lovely old Eagle scooter. It runs so smoothly, it's incredible. And so light. I love the matt black.

Michele P., Sydney, (Hill Cross scooter)

I recently purchased a Hill Cross scooter from Kick Scooter Sydney. The scooter is fantastic, lots of fun and really well made. I bought it hoping to get some better exercise for my dog (and me! J) and it has worked out beautifully, my dog loves it as well! Michal was so helpful and friendly, answering my emails really quickly, giving me heaps of advice on putting the scooter together and sending me instructional materials. I am happy to recommend the Kostka scooters, and commend Michal for his excellent service and support. I wish him every success in his business.

Brian W., Perth, (Hill Twenty scooter) 

Michal the scooter is awesome by the way, I love it. Exactly what I wanted... Thanks for accommodating my work schedule as well. Much appreciated.

Penny G., Surfers Paradise, (Hill Cross scooter) 

Hi Michal
I really must commend you on your business ethics;  just so nice to see, so I really believe you will  achieve your goal with such brilliant customer service.   Maybe working all week will finally pay
off for you as I am sure it will.   It maybe a harder journey but well worth while.

Thoroughly enjoyed my new scooter. Lots of people were amazed especially when Grandma was beating the boys. 

Once again a big thank you for so much fun.

John P., Concord-Sydney (Hill scooter)

I am 76 ,I know it might seem unusual to be starting scooting at this age but it has given me a new lease of life ,where I used to walk ,with scooting I can go further and faster and I need the exercise.

That was one of the best things I ever did buying the Kick Scooter ,I thank you for the help and advise.
Regards John

John & Sylvia R. - Brisbane (Rubik scooter -2013 model)
We purchased our 2 Kostka Rubik kick scooters in mid 2013 from Michal at Kick Scooters Sydney. Michal kept the process simple and us informed as to delivery dates etc, as we live in Brisbane.
We were already riding Micro Flexi Blue kick scooters, being an oversize kids scooter with 8 inch solid wheels. The transision to the Rubik was great, having effective brakes and a smooth more stable ride. I recently spent two months back on a Micro, riding the Kostka scooter is a much safer experience, giving us the confidence to travel faster. The end result, we love riding our Kostka Rubik scooters, its fun and great exercise.
We recently had a warranty issue with one scooter, both Michal at Kick Scooters Sydney and Kostka were cooperative and made the process to fix the problem simple. We have total confidence in Kostka scooters.
My wife Sylvia and I are 62 and 66 years of age, we each scoot 50 km a week on our Kostka Rubik scooters. We regularly scoot around Brisbane city, along the river and Bulimba bike path.

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