Kick Scooter vs Bicycle

Personal sports based upon the use of wheels are not all the same, although strange as it may seem, there is confusion over the differences and values between kick scooters, bikes, and inline skates.

This article is about those differences and to illustrate them.

While kick scooters can be used as a primary means of transportation for going to school or work, they are especially ideal for:

  • Sightseeing: Kick scooter riders are more likely to frequently stop and enjoy their surroundings than people who peddle fast-moving bikes. Exploration by foot is at the heart of a kick scooting adventure, no matter what type of kick scooter is used. While bikers I know regularly "do" 15 or 20+ miles per trip, kick scooter riders generally discuss locations, rather than distance-based milestones.

  • Pedestrian Mingling: Kick scooter riders can co-exist with people in tourist areas or on busy sidewalks because it is so easy for them to step off their vehicles and walk. Best, most kick scooter riders don't scare the bejesus out of pedestrians by passing them while traveling at high rates of speed.

  • Moseying Around: Although kick scooting gets riders from place to place quicker than by traveling on foot, speed alone does not provide a thrill. Biking is more speed-driven than kick scooting, with frequent dismounts during travel the exception. Frequent dismounts while riding a kick scooter, however, are more the norm, with the dismount action requiring less effort than when done on a bike.

Bikes and inline skates both provide stimulating aerobic exercise. Neither, however, are the best vehicles for use in moseying. In contrast, standard, small-wheeled kick scooters are not the best vehicles to use for pushing aerobic boundaries. While some people can rev up their kick scooter's RPM, sidewalk cracks and other small obstacles significantly hinder high speed travel.
Kick scooting in lovely areas provides a greater range of travel than walking, with far less effort. Need proof? Try it.

No matter what your age, many people find that standing on a kick scooter is easier on their butts than sitting on a bike seat, it is easier on their knees, and it easier on their wrists because heavily-weighted, triangulated support is not required.

For kick scooting buffs, coastal areas make wonderful vacation destinations because sidewalks and roadways fronting rivers, lakes, and the seashore tend to be very level. While bikers love to brag about the hills they've conquered, the same cannot be said for kick scooter riders. Do you love traveling next to great waterways? Navigating piers by kick scooter is very pleasant because piers are level and kick scooter riders do not have to dismount when faced with an interesting sight; they just step off their scooters to enjoy the scene.


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