Jogging, cycling and scooting - comparison

Kinematic Comparisons - jogging, cycling and kick scootering.

Some simple, matchstick style models of the kinematics involved indicated several major differences. It was easy to understand how the constant pounding of my feet hitting the ground while jogging was generating shock and stress, and in my own personal case, was breaking small capillaries in my lower legs.

Cycling, while much better than jogging, still results in sore knees and some muscles if I go for an extended ride. Modeling the leg and foot motion made it easy to see how much of the time the knees are under stress. Of course, picking a frame and crankset with the right dimensions, and optimizing the setup to match your body improves things considerably.

Yet, when I kickscooter for an hour (or more) not only don't my joints feel sore, they actually feel much more fluid and flexible at the end than they did when I started. Instead of being compressed and stressed, they feel like they have been stretched and massaged.

There are three nodal points I wanted to examine in more detail: the hip joint, the knee, and the ankle. What happens to those three nodes as I cycle and kickbike?

Cycling: Mechanical, closed, repetitive stress, constant, pumping up but not releasing

Kickbiking: Natural, opening, stretching, flexible, flowing, kick-glide-kick-glide, pump up then release



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