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What is dog scootering , Urban Mushing and Dryland Racing?

A fun way to enjoy the beauty of a human-canine athletic team without snow or a lot of gear. Traditionally, mushers trained their sled dogs during the off season (when there is no snow) using wheeled rigs or carts. This has developed into a style of mushing known as Dryland and uses bikes, scooters, small carts, and even your own feet. Recently non-mushing people have discovered the enjoyment of dryland mushing in more urban environments where it is not feasible to have lots of dogs and there may not be consistent snow to sled on. Any breed of dog can learn to do this, and it is a fun to work on training and exercise both of you! Canicross is probably the most economical and simplest way to do urban mushing. You simply have a harnesses dog help pull you as you walk or run along the trail.

Some things keep in mind before you get started:

1) Start slowly and gradually build up your distance as you and your dogs become conditioned.

2) Dogs overheat faster than people do. Take your runs in the early morning or late evening when temperatures lower and provide lots of water for your dogs.

3) Keep an eye on your dog's feet to make sure their pads are not worn. Try to avoid pavement (for long distances) and hard rocky surfaces. Using booties can help if your dog has a sore pad or you are on rough surfaces.

4) Use a properly fitting padded harness to avoid having your dog pulling by his neck.

5) Use basic commands to cue your dog so he knows what you want him to do. Typically mushers use "haw" fo left, "gee" for right, "whoa" to stop, "hike" or "lets go" to start, and "on-by" to go past a distraction or another dog.

6) Make sure that you and your dog are having fun! Start slowly on trails your dog already knows and enjoys, then become more adventurous as you both get comfortable as a team.

 KOSTKA Dog Scooters:

  • Hill Dog2 is a popular scooter for daily dog walking in every terrain. 
  • Tour Dog2 Scooter is designed for longer trips and is considered to be a transition scooter for those who would like to go from leisure dog walking to professional mushing.
  • Mushing & Mushing Pro Scooter is designed for sporting mushing races and extreme speed downhills rides.

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