About Dog scootering

What is dog scootering , Urban Mushing and Dryland Racing?

Dog Scootering is a growing activity/sport worldwide.

Dog scootering is a fun way to enjoy the beauty of a human-dog team activity together. During the summer season dry land mushing is the alternative of Mushing on the snow. Recently non-mushing people have discovered the enjoyment of dryland mushing in more urban environments. Any breed of dog can learn to do this. It is a fun to work on training and exercise for both of you! Another discipline is Canicross and it is the most economical and simplest way to do urban mushing. You just need a harness and dog which will pull you as you walk or run along the trail.


What do you need to get started:

- Scooter (see KOSTKA dog scooter range) 

- Harness (Shoulder or X-back harness)

- Collar

- Bungee line

- Single lead tug or double lead tug with bungge

- A neckline (for two dogs)

- Dog booties (If you are on rough surfaces or your dog has a sore pad then use booties)

- You as a rider: Cycle helmet, kneepads & elbow pads, long sleeved tops and trousers. 

First run:

Caution: Heat stress! Before you go, as your dog's coach pay attention to the heat. Dogs can overheat and collapse when exercising on warm or humid days. Use caution when the weather is warm. Most mushers will not scooter (except of short trips about 1-2km) when the temperature is above 20 C and for racing below 15C. Make sure you don't run your dog on hot pavement. For more info regarding health and safety of your dog go into "Dog Health&Safety" menu.

1) Hook your dog to the towline which is attached to your scooter.

2) Keep the brakes. Once you get ready put one foot on the scooter footplate. Give the command (see below and in download section) and release the brakes! Then put your other foot on the footplate.

  • Just a few basic command examples:
  • Hike / Pull = Go Forward
  • Whoa! = Stop
  • Gee = Go Right
  • Haw = Go Left
  • Easy = Go Slower
  • Trail = Stay on the trail

3) The towline should stay tight during the ride. Use your brakes gently if you need to tighten it. If your dog suddenly stop, apply your brakes gently and steer slightly to the side of your dog allowing the towline to slacken a little. You have some time to stop without running into them.

4) When you stop scooter keep brakes and have one feet on the scooter footplate to avoid moving scooter forward if the dogs suddenly move.


  • If your dog has never tried dog scootering or pulling something, is better to start slowly to make sure the dog has fun! One of the most common way to get your dog to pull is to ask your friend to ride on a bike in front of them. Your dog will hopefully chase the bike and in the process pull you along.
  • The first runs should be short. Stop before they've had enough and they'll associate the scootering with a positive experience which they'll want to repeat! Start slowly and gradually build up your distance as you and your dogs become conditioned
  • Some dogs get scared by running in front of the scooter. Another good tip is to get them drag something whilst on walks eg. a small tree branch, plastic bottle, etc “ and attach the lead to the dogs harness. If you vary the terrain and the weight of the drag, your dog will become accustomed to a variety of noises and sensations, which should reduce their anxiety about the scooter.
  • Keep your dog well hydrated with water “ not too cold “ to avoid heat stress. Do this before, during and after their run. Dogs overheat faster than people do. Take your runs in the early morning or late evening when temperatures lower.
  • Try to avoid pavement (for long distances) and hard rocky surfaces. Keep an eye on your dog's feet to make sure their pads are not worn. If you are on rough surfaces or your dog has a sore pad then use booties. 
  • The harness needs to fit properly to avoid your dog pulling by his neck.

 KOSTKA Dog Scooters:

  • Hill Dog2 is a popular scooter for daily dog walking in every terrain. 
  • Tour Dog2 Scooter is designed for longer trips and is considered to be a transition scooter for those who would like to go from leisure dog walking to professional mushing.
  • Mushing & Mushing Pro Scooter is designed for sporting mushing races and extreme speed downhills rides.

The spreadsheet sumarizes differencies between Kostka Dog Scooters. Download here   


Scooter for Mushing dog


ManMat dog sledding and canicross equipment:










 You can also visit our eshop or if you chose something what is not in our shop please send us your inquiry on kickscootersydney@gmail.com


Mushing dog on Kostka Kick Scooter



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